How To Start A Weight Loss Routine And Stick To It

Weight Loss Routine

Can’t start a weight loss routine and stick to it long enough? Never started with a fitness program and you think it’s too late? This article is intended for people who have never worked out in their life (Or haven’t stayed on a weight loss routine for long enough). First things first, it’s never too late to start a weight loss/Fitness routine. You can start today and chances are that you’ll begin to feel the difference in a month or so. To put it this way, exercise is very forgiving. You may forget about it for years but once you get back to it, it always pays off.

An interesting study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Lead by epidemiologist Edward Gregg) conducted a study on 9,500 women who had been leading a sedentary lifestyle all their lives. Their average age was 66. Those women who started with a daily mild physical activity reduced their chances of Cancer by half and their risk of heart disease by one-third! The women were tracked down for 12 years for their risk assessment. This was a startling discovery for all health experts as it points out that no matter what age you are, even if you start with a very mild physical activity daily, its effects will start to show in the long run.

So, what should you do if you’ve never worked out In your entire life?

What should be the starting point? Well, first things first; you need to get yourself checked by a physician. Try to get your vitals checked and the basic tests. Also, discuss your plans with your doctor and supply all relevant information including the conditions you have and the medication you’re taking for it. Also, share all the details of your workout plan with your doctor.

The second step is to start with something you like doing. Running for hours can be mind-numbingly boring for some people while others seem to fancy it. The activity you choose should be something you can engage in every day. It can be anything from gardening to rock climbing! As long as it interests you and as long as it gets your heart rate up, you’ll be fine with it. Also, take into account any medical disability that you might have. If you have joint problems or if you’re very overweight, you start with activities such as swimming. So start with something comfortable and interesting that doesn’t scare you away in a matter of days (or injure you).

Always start slow. This is always better than rushing into a workout plan, doing it vigorously for the first three days and spending the next two weeks in bed, injured. If you’ve never done this before, you may want to start by short workout sessions. As you progress and get over the initial muscle soreness and fatigue, you can extend your sessions further. This can serve as a good measure of the progress you’re making.

Don’t do it solo. Get a partner that helps you motivate and keeps you steadfast on your daily routine. Although there’s no medical evidence pointing out that working out in pairs is more fruitful but it is always nice to have someone that’s going through the same phase as you are. So get off the sofa today, plan it all out and start with a weight loss routine and stick to it.

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