South Africa Travel Tips – How Can I stay Safe On My Own

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You may have heard the comments such as ‘Johannesburg is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Cape Town has one of the highest murder rates’ and been put off traveling in South Africa on your own. I don’t want to put a dampener on things but cities in South Africa can be dangerous places, however, you can stay safe, stay out of trouble and have an amazing time if you take a few pieces of advice.

Stay with a group of people or at least one other person wherever you go in a city. If you are in a more scenic quiet location you’ll probably be OK walking around on your own during the day as long as you stick to tourist areas.
Stay with your tour guide as they are trained in this country, they know what to look out for, dangerous areas and can protect you.

Stay in your hostel or on your tour bus when you are driving through the middle of the cities. If you are walking around cities, keep your camera out of sight and valuables back in your accommodation locked away. If you are with a group and you don’t draw attention to your wealth, you should have no problems whatsoever.

It’s better not to walk around on your own after dark, in fact, it’s better not to walk around at all after dark. While I was in Cape Town, the main street soon turned from a welcoming area to a scary place full of men hiding in every doorway. We were told if we had to walk around after dark literally walks down the road next to the parked cars as it is much safer than the pavement. I did speak to quite a few male backpackers on my travels who had been mugged. It was very real, it did happen, and it’s much better to avoid trouble than risk it.

Be careful getting money out of cash machine. Make sure that you are in a group when you do this and don’t take cash out after dark.

Ensure you always have the name and address of your hostel and contact details on you when you’re out and about, and I liked to carry some cash (notes) and some contact details in my shoe in case my bag was stolen.

When I was traveling in South Africa, I much preferred to keep away from the cities. I stayed one night in most cities and quickly moved on to the next area. The tourist areas are much nicer and more peaceful. You can relax out of the city and enjoy yourself without worrying excessively about your safety. I would advise extreme caution in any city in South Africa to keep yourself safe.

Cape Town Travel Guide

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Over 2,893,251 people call Cape Town their home. They love living, working and playing in Cape Town and you will come to see why. Customer Service is of paramount importance in this city because its tourism industry is very large. It is the most traveled city in South Africa. You’ll be treated very special by the people in this city because Cape Town wants you to return again and again. This Guide will tell you a lot about the city, its museums and sightseeing attractions. Be sure and read all sections of it and save it to your favorites.

In Cape Town, you will have ample opportunities for enjoyment. There are plenty of water sports to partake in. Just of few of them are parasailing and hang gliding. This is a great place to spend some time whale watching, too. Water and sun lovers you’re in for a treat when you visit the beautiful city of Cape Town. You’ll definitely want to see the Imperial Yacht Club and all the beautiful yachts and grab your suntan lotion and head out to Camps Bay Beach or Hout Bay Beach. Fun in the sun is what you’ll be doing a lot of.

The theatre is big in Cape Town as well as the museums, so take in your share of both and don’t forget to try out the city’s energetic nightlife. There are tons of clubs, cafés, and restaurants for you to enjoy yourself in. Go to one or barhop and you’ll have a great time. You won’t have a chance to be bored because you’ll be too busy.

Now that you know how much this great city of Cape Town has to offer you, you can pack your bags and book your flight. You’re going to love it so make your arrangements as soon as you possibly can.

Cape Town Tourist Information

The Tourist and Visitor Offices at the tourist Centers you will have access to numerous brochures and maps on the attractions in the Cape Town Area and also info on unusual events taking place. This information is free of charge. They will also help you find accommodations if you haven’t already done so. If you have questions about the Cape Town area they can answer them for you. They will also know the latest weather patterns and any special events that are taking place when you’re in the city.


When you’re planning your trip to Cape Town you’re going to want to know a little bit about the weather so you can plan what you’ll do and clothes you’ll need.

One thing that is important to know is that traveling to Cape Town at any time of the year weatherwise will be a pleasurable experience. That’s because the city and surrounds have a Mediterranean climate and mild weather will be the mainstay. There are a few things you need to keep in mind. The winter can have cold fronts so you’ll need to bring some warm outerwear. Strong winds can come in the summer, but other than that you have plenty of sunshine all year round and for most days a visit to one of the marvelous beaches will be great.

You can check the latest weather patterns by looking online or by calling the Cape Town Tourist Office. This way you’ll be updated on what’s happening before you plan to visit.

You’ll enjoy a lot of outdoor activities all year long in Cape Town. That’s one of the reasons it’s such a nice city to visit.


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Advantage Car Rental Cape Town Ideas

A person planning a road trip from home may not have thought about the possibility of using a rental car rather than their own vehicle. It doesn’t take an in-depth analysis, however, to see the advantages a car rental can provide in such a situation. For example, consider the true cost of mileage, in terms of the wear and maintenance that result from extensive driving.

You may quickly realize that the price of renting a car is actually comparable (or possibly even lower) than the eventual cost of making a long trip in your own car. The immediate price may be higher, since you will pay up front for the rental, but you will be deflecting the necessary expenses that will eventually be incurred in the form of maintenance for your own car.

You might also wish to explore the possibility of car rental for a trip that you had thought about making by plane. In almost every case, the cost of renting a car (even after you add in the calculated cost of gas) is considerably cheaper than purchasing a plane ticket to the same destination.

Provided you have enough time to actually make the drive, you can enjoy both the convenience and the economy of renting.  In such a scenario, you can enjoy the added convenience of traveling on your own schedule, not subject to the delays and lost luggage and other hassles of airline travel.

Matching a Rental Car to Your Intended Purpose

In addition to money matters, renting a car in Cape Town for your road trip will open up unlimited possibilities with regard to the type of vehicle best suited to your vacation plans. Perhaps your own car is a small economy car that gets great mileage, but for the purposes of your road trip you could really use some extra room for luggage or camping gear or fellow travelers.

Or perhaps your personal car was purchased with capacity in mind, but for your road trip you would prefer to take a hybrid or economy car that won’t require you to break the bank to keep it fueled. If your travel plans would be enhanced by the addition of four wheel drive, or an in-car television to keep your kids occupied, or any other feature which your own car lacks, you can leverage the options available through rental.

You can even choose a combination approach to traveling, making use of a one-way rental to make your journey in one direction, and then flying back to your starting point. Whatever reasons you identify for an advantage car rental, you will be glad of your creative thinking when you avoid some of the costs and hassles of travel.

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