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Temporary Hair Removal Guide for Easy Hair Removal

Temporary Hair Removal

The temporary hair removal methods include shaving, tweezing and threading and hair start growing after some time. The permanent hair removal methods include electrolysis and laser treatments. The laser hair removal treatment is permanent and one of the best ways to remove hair.

9 Best Temporary Hair Removal Methods


Shaving is one of the most common and easiest ways of getting rid of unwanted body hair. Be it extraneous pubic hair or unwanted facial hair. Shaving helps in removing and maintaining a hair free body with minimum expenditure and maximum convenience. However, the short-term effect is one of the major drawbacks of shaving.


Application of depilatories is one of the easiest methods for temporary hair removal. Depilatories are chemical based formulations that are applied on the skin surface and are wiped off after keeping it on for some time. This formulation breaks the disulfide bonds and dissolves the keratin of the hair. As a result, the hair becomes weak and can be easily wiped off from the surface of the skin.


The process of friction is a process of rubbing off the hair against a rough surface like pumice stone, Emory cloth or a mitt. This helps in getting rid of the extraneous hair. Though this is not a very popular method, some people find friction to be an effective method, especially for removing hair on the legs.


Tweezing is a temporary method of hair removal which uses the instrument called tweezers that look similar to a pair of forceps. Tweezing involves the removal of individual hair strand by pulling it out from the root and is commonly also known as plucking. This is a short-term solution for hair removal, and it does not cause thicker regrowth of hair.


Waxing is one of the most common and traditional methods of removing hair from any body part. It has been around for a very long time now and has gained popularity for being one of the most effective ways of removing hair temporarily. A combination of hot wax and strips of clothing are used to strip off the unwanted hair.


Sugaring is one of the most ancient practices of hair removal which is gaining popularity nowadays. The effects of sugaring are the same as waxing wherein the sugar is less warm than the wax leading to lesser possibilities of skin irritation. Moreover, the sugar, unlike the wax, does not stick to the skin but only to the hairs making it much more convenient than waxing.


The method of threading as a temporary hair removal is called different names in different countries. This is not very popular in the West, threading has been one of the primary methods for removing unwanted hairs from the face, especially eyebrows and upper lips. There have been claims that threading was first introduced in Turkey.

Rotary Epilators

Rotary epilators are one of the other devices that are used for fast and easy temporary hair removal. Rotary epilators are very much like the electric razors, they differ only in the formation and instrument used for removing hair. While an electric razor has a sharpened blade on the rotary head, rotary epilators have rows of tweezers that grasp the hairs quickly and pulling them off from their roots. That is why rotary epilators are often referred to as rotary tweezers.

Bikini Wax, Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian bikini wax was introduced to New York in 1987 by seven Brazilian sisters and has been in demand ever since. Waxing has completely changed the fashion statement and sex appeal of women. Even before that women were removing their pubic hair for thousands of years in Egypt, Middle East and other parts of the world and thus the advent and use of Brazilian wax has provided the answer to all the questions regarding the look and cleanliness of the skin, giving it a new dimension and appeal of its own altogether. Read on to know more about temporary hair removal.

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Hair Removal Techniques

Hair Removal Techniques

For many decades, women have been removing unwanted hair on their body with the use of different hair removal techniques. Today getting rid of unwanted hair has become easier than ever.

There are many techniques that one can use at home or even visit a beauty parlor for professional treatment. Given below is some information about the different techniques that are available today.

Different Hair Removal Techniques


The Transdermal technique of hair removal is a combination of a number of other hair removal methods.

The method has its origin in the galvanic tweezer technology with a variation of using an electrode gel and cotton swab which again was followed by the industry of non-surgical facial toning. The Transdermal technique includes the cleaning of the targeted area by applying an electrode gel on it. A cotton swab is then attached to the negative outlet of the device, passing DC current into the specific area.

To complete the circuit, the positive electrode is attached to the client. This is done primarily to allow the flow of the electrons.


The transcutaneous hair removal method involves the spreading of a conductive gel over the skin and passing electricity through an adhesive patch, touching the conductive gel.

This procedure allows electricity to travel through the hair follicle, permanently damaging the hairs from their roots. But as of now, there is no proven clinical data, validating the authenticity of this claim.

Promoters of this method claim that the adhesive patch and the electricity facilitate permanent hair removal although the actuality of the claim still remains a matter of doubt.


The application of photo epilator devices is one of the hair removal methods.

They work on the basis of filtered lights that could eliminate one hair at a time. After this, the hair is just tweezed. This method is seen to have a more lasting effect than common tweezing. A special fiber-optic probe is put right above the follicle. Then light-based energy goes into follicle through the probe.

Many of the promoters of photo epilator devices claim that this method has the ability to damage a hair follicle.


Microwave is yet another hair removal device, but there is very limited information available about the effectiveness and safety of using this device.

The method of microwave hair removal involves the use of a microwave radiation that is sent to the skin through a handpiece as a result of which the energy radiated from the microwave causes this thermal damage. The main advantage associated with the microwave hair removal method is that it targets hairs of all colors to clean them up.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of it lies in the fact that while targeting the hairs through the skin, all the other elements of the skin is also targeted and affected in the process.

Herbal Inhibitors

Several kinds of hair removal methods, techniques and products have been invented from ancient times to enhance the look and appeal of the human body.

Herbal inhibitors are one of the other products that claim to reduce the growth of the body hair significantly. However, no published clinical data is available that can back up the claims of these products leading to slow down or eliminate hair growth.

Even though herbal inhibitors have been around the hair removal market since the 19th century, celebrating the heyday of snake-oils for hair removal, the present success of some prescription oral medications have led to the explosion of these non-prescription products, particularly seen on the Internet and television infomercials.